Friday, February 12, 2010

It begins...


Misti and I have been bestfriends since the first day of art school. Luke, Misti's husband, once called our friendship abnormal and I'd have to agree. I think that it's pretty rare to meet someone who you just organically click with. I'm not sure either of us could explain it, we've definitely tried, but we've been roommates, partners in crime, security blankets, good & bad influences, shoulders to cry on, we sometimes are each other's toughest judge but no matter the distance, we will go to any length to be there for one another. We collected our baggage together, we've collected stories together (someday we'll write them down), not we'll add starting a business to the list and someday you'll be able to find us racing each other down the hallway of the old folks home in blue and green, glitter prettified wheel chairs.

Lotta's come to signify a couple of things to us but the most relevant is the significance behind the meaning of Lotta. Lotta means free/independent, beautiful and feminine. We want it to encompass those words. It's creative, colorful, clever, strong, visual, composed, distinct, ect... This may be an odd way to say it but if Misti and I had a child, these are the qualities we'd want it to have.

We were talking about what we should write in our first blog and Misti emailed me this...

How to make money in 5 easy steps when you are an artist:

step one: define your media
step two: define your cliental
step three: make your art public / marketing
step four: explore growth potential
step five: become a waitress

We've got the business cards, the website & portfolio, bring on the business!

Later Gator!

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